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From Lionel Bethea

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Instructor

Greetings! It gives me great pleasure to write a brief summary of my dealings or encounters with Mr. A.P. Williams. Mr. Williams and I met around or about fifteen (15) years ago, when I started my career for the Government Printing Office, now known as the Government Publishing Office (GPO).

Mr. Williams has always been a motivator, supporter and most important to me he has been a friend. When I thought things were at a standstill or just felt like there was nowhere to go, Mr. Williams always had words of encouragement to help not only me but others to succeed in life, whether it was a promotion or just helping to encourage one to succeed. There was always some kind of verse that made you think that I got this. As I started with the Police Department for (GPO) from the ground up as an Officer, I soon realized with the help and mentoring from Mr. Williams in very short years with the Department I was a Lieutenant. To me, this was unheard of but Mr. Williams’s inspiration, helped me to succeed to be the best that I could be with the organization.

I have thus moved on from the agency, but Mr. Williams prepared me for the next step in my career as an Instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Mr. Williams has been so instrumental to me in helping me to see the greatness in myself as a person and as an employee of my previous and current organization. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Williams has been a delight to work for and with throughout my time with the GPO. I wish that other agencies had a Mr. Williams to continue in the success that he has provided to so many people.

So again, without any hesitations or reservations I would love to work for Mr. Williams again. Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing what I have written for Mr. Williams.

From Paul Epley

AP has been providing the Uniformed Police Branch (UPB) of the U.S. Government Publishing Office with several training courses over the past few years. This training was for the UPB Supervisors and Lead Police Officers.

The training focused on strategic thinking, leadership, and motivating employees. The training provided insight on how to implement the principals into particle everyday use. I believe the training was extremely effective and beneficial in the development of all involved. The training also allowed for open and honest discussions concerning incidents supervisors have encountered throughout their careers. The training provided a new prospective in how to handle similar incidents with a possible better outcome for all involved. By listening and involvement of the employees creates a team player environment than just a cog in a wheel environment. It is extremely important to get the by in of the employees.

Each session hits the ground running, challenging the old norms of management and promoting new and fresh ideas. As supervisors, we need to think outside the box, he provides this with dynamic examples to each topics or issues that are discussed.
I found the training very beneficial and try to implement the new ideas and strategies into my everyday interactions, not only at work but also in my everyday life. I highly recommend his training and hope take another training class in the future.

From Coach LaKeisha Green


There are so many good things to say about Mr. A.P. Williams. I’ve known him for about 15 years and he is authentic regardless of the “hat” he wears; coach, friend, or colleague. We worked together on a project where we collaborated and brought our own expertise. His strategic vision and organizational skills proved to be the nexus of the event’s success. Mr. Williams is honest, speaks the TRUTH, and is one of the most authentic people I know. These qualities are extremely important to me as they are some of my core values and as a coach, these values have a deeper meaning. As my coach, he is honest even when the TRUTH is hard to hear. Mr. Williams embodies all of those qualities and much more. He is intuitive, consistent, humble and truly passionate. He holds me accountable and challenges me to look for opportunities in what I perceive to be a negative situation. I accomplished numerous goals in our coaching sessions; established a business presence on social media, identified multiple avenues for networking, and analyzed how my core values align with my job. The connection between a coach and a client is the foundation for a prosperous relationship and I have that with Mr. Williams. I am so excited for each session that I am energized at the end! His programs are catered to your individual needs. Coach A.P. is amazing!

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