Our Process

We help to clear away your leadership pain points and guide you to your success by personalizing our proven process to fit your unique growth needs.

Your success should involve a process that moves you forward.

When you work with Nxt Lvl, we guide you through each step of our process and tailor it to your needs.

Working through each phase of this method leads to purposeful growth. Every part of it is built to help you achieve an outcome that secures the best possible results for your success.


Phase I
Synergy Session

Our first meeting is to determine our compatibility; relationships work better when developed on common ground and built within an alignment.

Phase II
Fact Finding

During this phase, we will seek out the best program available based on your unique needs/requirements.

Phase III
Your Journey

At this point, we have chosen or designed a package specific to you or your team (whichever is applicable) and begin.

Tools For Your Growth


We will often double-back to your priority to make sure we remain on track.

Workshops, Seminars, and Masterminds

We will continually look back at specific objectives to ensure we remain on task.


While this process is a little different from the others above, immediate feedback is most welcomed; we aim to over-deliver on our services.

Each type of service is based on open and honest feedback; growth is dependent upon it.

What Our Leaders Say

Da'Suan Mason

Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker & Teacher

As my coach, he is honest even when the TRUTH is hard to hear. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be coached by one of the best. Contact Coach A.P. Williams about coaching sessions TODAY!
Coach LaKeisha Green
As I started with the Police Department for (GPO) from the ground up as an officer, I soon realized with the help and mentoring from Mr. Williams in very short years with the Department I was a Lieutenant. To me, this was unheard of but Mr. Williams's inspiration, helped me to succeed to be the best that I could be with the organization.
Lionel Bethea
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Instructor
I found the training very beneficial and try to implement the new ideas and strategies into my everyday interactions, not only at work but also in my everyday life. I highly recommend A.P.'s training and hope to take another training class in the future.
Paul Epley

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