Frequently Asked Questions

A choice to intentionally enter a process that will assist you to increase your ability to perform and at some point lead others.

Sure you are, you just don’t realize it. Leadership is not about position; it’s about you having confidence in your ability to make decisions that may affect others.

Yes. Self-development is not only rewarding, but it also builds your competence & credibility as an employee which sets the foundation to lead others. Without self-leadership, leading others is not possible.

My belief in leadership development is based on having a growth mindset, with transparent accountability. This means when I learn something, I need to teach it to someone else to reinforce that learning. That is continued growth and transparency at the same time. When we develop ourselves, we build competence and confidence; that brings along credibility. When we have each, we earn the ability to lead others; that’s when everyone wins. To quote a colleague, “winning is contagious”.

It depends – What you decide to invest is dependent upon your commitment which you place in the value of your development. 

Your investment will differ based on service, length of time, and products necessary at the time.

A mastermind allows you to partake in a process with other like-minded professionals to simulate understanding and growth.  You learn not just the facts of the book studied, but also from the different perspectives brought forth to the discussion by other participants. These groups allow personal and group accountability for each to apply what is learned, change behaviors recently identified, then teach/train others what was learned.

The Mastermind can easily serve as the pre-cursor to a coaching commitment because growth-minded participants begin to feel the growth process from the group environment leading to a desire for more targeted growth, which is found in coaching. 

  1. Raised awareness 
  2. The ability to find a new perspective
  3. A different kind of learned focus

A good way to find out is have an honest conversation about your expectation and move forward from there.

I can’t tell you what your “why” is.  I can, however, tell you why I work with a coach; strengthened accountability, enhanced critical thinking, laser focus on goals, and broadened perspective.

Success is an internalized adverb.  That said, you must first identify where you are now and where you would like to go.  Your measurement becomes the compilation of time (how quickly) or accolades (recognition) or bonus’ (time off, cash, etc.) once you arrive at your predetermined destination.

  1. A therapist is a professional trained to provide treatment or rehabilitation.
  2. A mentor is someone who shares personal or professional experiences with others.
  3. A teacher provides or gives information to others.
  4. A trainer provides the skills to enhance one’s knowledge through application. 
  5. Coaching is about raising ones awareness through targeting questions hinging on honest answers.

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