This is the process of growth and learning of an acute awareness to hiccups as they occur.


Coaching is a partnership based on accountability between the client (you) and coach (I). This relationship is built upon the trust which develops during honest and non-judgmental questions that force inner strength and personal integrity.

Our Categories of Coaching


A coordinated effort between co-workers working toward the accomplishment of the agency's mission.


A mirage of personnel from different divisions or agencies working together to gain clarity on a given topic.


Accountability between one coach and one client.

Phase I
Synergy Session

Our first meeting is to determine our compatibility; relationships work better when developed on common ground and built within an alignment.

Phase II
Fact Finding

During this phase, we will seek out the best program available based on your unique needs/requirements.

Phase III
Your Journey

At this point, we have chosen or designed a package specific to you or your team (whichever is applicable) and begin.

Work With Us

It's time to accelerate your growth. Book a consultation with us so we can learn more about your leadership coaching needs.